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Fundacion de Valentin de Madriaga y Oya

Fundacion de Valentin de Madariaga y Oya

By Fiona Watson

Located in the former US Pavilion from the Expo 29, next to Maria Luisa Park, this cultural foundation offers a wide range of exhibitions, activities and courses, from photographic shows featuring the cream of Andalucian and international talent, to film production courses for children.

Built around an asymmetric central patio, with white colonial façade with carved stone doorway, the building, which is owned by the Seville Town Hall and leased to the foundation, also offers a number of meeting and conference rooms.

Founded by Sevillano architect Valentin de Madariaga Parias in honour of his late engineer and businessman father in 2003, the foundation has an impressive collection of contemporary art including works by Warhol, Joseph Buys, and MP&MP Rosado. This started originally as a private collection chosen by the children of Valentin de Madariaga y Oya, in collaboration with the family business, Grupo MP, which manufactures lift and escalators. Several of Valentin's siblings also work in the foundation and other family businesses.

The aims of the foundation are to: "promote, develop, encourage, organise and finance educational, business, environmental, cultural and social initiatives and activities". Some of the most prestigious courses are the photography ones of Eduardo d'Acosta, one of which is run in cooperation with the CAC in Malaga, which is partly funded by the foundation. Among activities for children are art camps and "Taller Telekids", a 30-hour course where children learn about audiovisual production for film and TV.

See a report on a photographic exhibition held at the foundation in 2016 featuring work by Michelle Chaplow of Andalucia.com.

Avenida de Maria Luisa, 41013 Seville. Tel 954 626 129

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10.00 - 14.00, 17.00 - 20.00; Saturday and Sunday 10.30 - 14.30.
Public transport: 6, 34, C1 and C2 pass close by, and both Puerta Jerez and Prado de San Sebastian metro stations are a ten-minute walk away.




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