Arts & Crafts - Wickerwork

Handwoven wickerwork from Andalucia. © Michelle Chaplow
Handwoven wickerwork from Andalucia. © Michelle Chaplow


Crafts using vegetable fibres are usually related to farm work and country living, although wickerwork is widely sold in the urban areas also, and includes chairs and tables, as well as smaller articles made of wicker, rattan, bamboo and rushes.

Small factories still operate in cities such as Seville and Cadiz, making excellent horse-drawn wagons for use in the local fiestas and pilgrimages, as well as cabinetwork for churches, coffered ceilings, wood carving, gilding, lathe work, tapestry and chairs.

Barrel production is mainly located in the wine making areas such as Jerez, Cadiz, Huelva and Cordoba.

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