crochet © Michelle Chaplow
Traditional Crochet © Michelle Chaplow

The traditional crafts in Andalucia owe their heritage to all people from different cultures that have settled here over the ages. The legacy of the Tartessians, the Phoenicians, and the Greeks, Romans and Arabs covers a vast spectrum of techniques and styles that are still alive in Andalucia's traditional crafts.




Many local artifacts have fallen out of use, due to the development of synthetic materials and and mass production, and are in danger of disappearing altogether. The older generation in the villages of Andalucia can be highly skilled in the creation of crafts such as crochet and lacemaking. However, efforts are being made to lovingly restore and conserve these traditional skills and keep them alive. There is also a growing trend among craftsmen who make ingenious use of traditional techniques and styles to develop their own designs.


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