Arts & Crafts - Handicrafts in Huelva

Crafts in the province of Huelva are different from the rest of Andalusia. There are workshops dotted all around devoted to saddle making, shoes for the countryside and various types of bridles. All this is connected with the fresh popularity of pilgrimages to which people go on horseback and of riding. Cowhide leather is used for the sturdy, traditional crafted shoes in Valvere del Camino. There are good saddles made in Almonte, Zalamea, Aroche and Huelva.

Forging and cabinet-making are combined in the workshops devoted to horse-drawn carriages in Bollullos del Condadao.

In Valverde, Galaroza and Zalamea furniture is mainly made using beech and pine, though chestnut is frequently used. The popular rush bottomed chairs known as Sevillian chairs are made in Galarosa with popular wood and wet rushes and painted in bright colours. Wicker continues to be used a lot in Sanlucar de Guadiana and Huelva.

Pottery is still made in traditional centres where the Moorish techniques live alongside innovated materials and design. Most workshops specialise such as in Trigueros where the pulperas (small ewers with a large mouth used by the fishermen of Isla Cristina .- pulpo means squid) are made. In Beas and La Palma del Condado architectural decorative motifs in the shape of pineapples or simply a ball are used. There is naif pottery at Aracena, flowerpots and pitches at La Palma and tiles are manufactured in Moguer, Cortegana and Nerva.

In Valverde del Camino, metal workers flourish making cowbells, grilles and metal parts related to riding.