Arts & Crafts - Handicrafts in Cadiz

In Cadiz province one can see a clear distinction between traditional and modern crafts.

In Ubrique and Prado del Rey there are fine examples of a wide variety of leather goods which are distributed all over the world.

Ponchos from Grazalema
Ponchos from Grazalema

In Jerez, Alcala de los Gazules and Villamartin, harness making is still one of the main crafts of the province. The harnesses are made for coaches as well as riding.

In Jerez, San Lucar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa Maria wine making is the main industry; this also provides a market for the making of wine casks.

Traditional, handcrafted English mahogany furniture by excellent cabinetmakers can be found in San Lucar de Barrameda and San Fernando.

Saddlemaking is also one of the crafts in Prado del Rey, where the saddles are made from beechwood and vegetable fibre; in El Bosque and Benamahoma pine, beech and eucalyptus are used.

There are still a good number of forges in the province devoted to the craft of iron work, the main centre being Arcos which has five workshops, followed by Cadiz, Chiclana, Olvera and San Lucar.

Other significant crafts in the province are blankets and ponchos made in Grazalema and dolls from Chiclana.