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Professionals & Services

You will find no shortage of professionals capable to provide you with home design and decorating assistance.

There are two types of Spanish architects. "Technical architects" (arquitectos técnicos) have a two year degree while "superior architects" (arquitectos superiores) have a master's degree. The former are capable of drawing up plans for most home reforms.

Interior Designers
Interior designers are professionals who have completed some form of academic training that qualifies them to draw up plans for arranging the interior space in your home. They are also trained in various aspects of decoration. An interior designer can hold anything from a certificate that takes months to complete, to a two-year diploma, to a four year degree or beyond.

Home Decorators
Home decoration is a broad category that is used by a variety of titled and untitled professionals working in the industry. Home decoration is also a service offered by specialised shops and persons with many years practical experience and, perhaps, special talent in this area.