Decoration - Sense of Space

Sense of Space

Many foreigners invest in Spanish homes that are far more spacious than the national average. This can present special challenges when it comes to decorating these spaces. This is because the majority of Spanish furniture and decoration stores cater specifically to the needs of those living with "reduced space". Therefore, you may have to spend more time shopping around in order to find appropriate gear for your new "extra large" residence.

However, thanks to a new trend in foreign import furnishings, large pieces are becoming more available all the time. These also tend to cater to foreign tastes in terms of design and comfort.

Large Spaces - Decoration Advice
Because Spanish homes are made of concrete, bricks and tiles - and most are painted white - you might feel the atmosphere is especially cold and the echo exaggerated in large homes when you are house hunting. Don't be put off though, as when decorating large spaces you can get away with using much stronger colours and more intense patterns in fabrics and wall coverings than you could in smaller spaces. And these can be used to create cozier atmospheres.

Living in Small Spaces
If you decide to live in a more typical Spanish home, with reduced space available, your main challenge will be "creating space" in order to live comfortably. This however, is more than possible if you tap into Spain's space saver market and incorporate items such as fold-out couches, tables and desks as well as closet organisers into your design plans. You can also make use of dead space by adding sliding storage boxes under beds and filling the kitchen cupboards with space saving gadgets.

Unless you're looking for special effects, it helps to use light colours when decorating small spaces as these open a room and give a feeling of airy spaciousness. Also plan to stick with less intense designs in window dressings and other fabrics with the exception of maybe a few decorative items and throw pillows, which can be used to punctuate space with small splashes of colour and design. This too can contribute to the illusion that a small room is larger than it actually is.

An interior designer or home decorator can help you make the most of any space by suggesting innovative layouts and a wide variety of techniques that will give the space the form necessary to meet your needs.