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Balance and harmony in your Mediterranean home © iStock
Balance and harmony in your Mediterranean home

by Dee McMath

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of correct placement of objects in and around your home. The balance and harmony achieved by Feng Shui, allows a free flow of energy in your surroundings and thus affects your emotional and physical state.

There are Feng Shui specialists who live in Andalucia and others who travel to the area and give consultations and conferences on the subject. It is more likely to find and English speaking practitioner on the Costa del Sol, where so many British and English speaking foreigners live all the year round. Since so many of these residents have settled in their Mediterranean homes, they often seek advice from a Feng Shui expert.

Feng Shui is not simply a minimalist interior design theory. If you are feeling in some way 'stuck' in some areas of your life, be it work, relationships, creativity, a Feng Shui specialist could clear these areas by decluttering the related areas of your home.

Whereas in your body, different organs have their specific functions to keep you healthy, so your house has areas relating to your emotional and physical outlook. Each area will have a negative or positive effect on you life, depending on how it is organised. For example if you always have coats and shoes, etc. cluttering up the area around your front door, you could be blocking new opportunities from entering into your life. If under your bed has become a store cupboard for old, unused items that you should perhaps throw away, you may be blocking your creativity causing you to have negative thoughts.

A Feng Shui expert can call and give you a private consultation in your own home. The length of the visit will depend, not only on the size of your home, but also the amount of change that he/she sees is needed. However, it shouldn't take more than two hours. You will be asked to assess certain areas of your personal life and work situation, outlining problems you are experiencing. From what you say and the way your house is organised, the practitioner will prepare an assessment relating to each room of your house and will arrange to see you again with the report and suggestions for the changes necessary.

The idea is to create a free flowing, harmonious atmosphere at home (or in the workplace) and the most frequent problem is clutter. A radical clear out is usually called for and although this can literally be a painful job of letting go the past, it is ultimately so liberating that it has a very high success rate.

Once the space is clear, a new colour scheme may be suggested and a rearrangement of furniture, possible with the addition of plants. The correct placement of mirrors is especially important in Feng Shui and moving a mirror can transform a space from giving negative to positive energy to you and your home.



Andalucia is a favourite area for artists and camera crews for its beautiful light and stunning sunsets. Feng Shui not only helps you to finally clear out that old clutter, but it also helps you to make the best of the space you live in, so that you really appreciate the positive health benefits of living in this paradise.

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