Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage

by Dee McMath

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient, unique and powerful massage, using a combination of gently pressure and applied yoga, which helps to release blocked energy and promote good health.

The Thai yoga massage dates back to the third century BC and has been used over the centuries by Buddhist monks to bring balance and energy back to the body, through stretching and applied yoga exercises.



As have many other traditional healing methods, the popularity of Thai yoga massage has risen over greatly over the last decade or so. Andalucia has become a favourite place for practitioners to visit and settle and so this is an excellent chance to try out this massage, while you are in Andalucia.

The more likely places you will find this type of treatment is at the main towns along the Costa del Sol, including Marbella, Fuengirola and Málaga city, as well as in some smaller inland villages. For English speaking practitioners, you have more chance on the coast, since that is now very highly populated by English speaking residents and visitors.

Going inland, Granada and the Alpujarra mountain range have small villages and some holistic resorts where courses are offered. They may have weekend breaks as well as one and two-week alternative holidays, where Thai yoga massage is part of the package. The free, alternative magazine, 'Chispa' which you will find at various outlets all along the coast, will often have information on courses and practitioners of this type.

Thai yoga massage teachers see the body on an energy line system and their aim is to use hands, feel and elbows while applying pressure to points along these lines, so as to clear blockages which may be causing you problems. The gentle stretching is based on applied hatha yoga. This process encourages the body to activate its potential for self-healing, thus restoring health, harmony and balance. This very powerful massage uses the body's natural life force to release the blockages, which cause all sorts of aches, pains and diseases.
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