by Dee McMath

Anti-Nicotine treatment is a course made of various therapies to help reduce your reliance on smoking and to help detox the body form previous smoking habits.

More and more people are becoming aware of the long-term benefits of giving up smoking. Although a high number of Spanish people still smoke, the influence of many British and other foreign residence in Andalucia and especially on the Costa del Sol are drawing attention to the health warnings. The awareness has spread to some clinics, usually in the Malaga region of the coast and especially in the Marbella area, which now offer anti-nicotine treatments.



Treatment will begin with a health check up, including blood pressure and lung function. The programme can last from 3 to 5 weeks. Therapies are likely to include oxygen therapy, special massage, and customized diet. An exercise schedule will also be suggested. For relaxation and to assist with the detox process, there is likely to be the option of sauna, Turkish baths and Jacuzzi. The course will conclude with a final health check up.

Smoking is a highly addictive habit. An anti-nicotine programme is specially designed to help re-educate your mind and body to free itself from the compulsion to smoke. This kind of treatment could be the step in the right direction that you need to take.
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