Colour Therapy

Colonic Irrigation

by Dee McMath

Colour Therapy is the use of colours to bring balance and harmony to the energy centres (chakras) of the body, thus promoting good health, both physically and psychologically.

What better place in the world than Andalucia to practice colour therapy. Film crews and artists have been flocking to Andalucia for decades, to enjoy the wonderful light and beautiful colours. There are Spanish Colour Therapists in Andalucia and sometimes specialists visit from the UK to hold conferences. Such courses and conferences are usually held in well-known hotels along the Costa del Sol - especially in the Marbella area, where the majority of English speaking residents and tourists are to be found.

Colour therapy has been around since around 1940 when Dr. Max Lüscher, a Swiss psychologist saw how colour affected his patients' health. The theory is that our bodies vibrate at a specific rhythm. When this vibration is interrupted, we experience illness. It has been scientifically proven that each colour has its own specific vibration. Special use of colour and light can bring harmony back to the energy centres (chakras) of our bodies. The result is a rebalance of our body's correct rhythm, thus restoring our good health.

Common conditions treated by colour therapy are depression, anxiety, asthma and insomnia, to name but a few. This therapy comes highly recommended for most stress related conditions and is known to assist in pain management too. When treatment is given by a professionally qualified practitioner, there is no reason why anyone can receive treatment.



Just looking at a specific colour sends a message to the brain and as a result a hormone is released. Since different colours produce different hormones, our psychological state can be altered in either a positive or negative way. Also your choice of colour reflects your mood and state of mind.

Different colours represent different states and emotions, for example look at the colours of the Andalucian flag - Green and White

Green: is a calming colour, which promotes balance and growth. Green is at the same time restful and energising and is especially used in cases of exhaustion from overwork. It awakens compassion, friendliness and sensitivity.

White: is the symbol of purity in many senses. Within white is contained the whole light spectrum and in this way it can be used in a positive way for most purposes. When in doubt - use white.

Of course each colour has its meaning and application. Either through a colour therapist or by reading more about the therapy, you can learn which are the colours best suited to you. Wearing or surrounding yourself by too much black for example, can cause depression. You can offset this by using a contrast of white. On the other hand it can be used as a protective colour and can be reassuring for very sensitive people.

The way you dress, present yourself and the colours you wear greatly affect your self-confidence and even your personal growth. For a personal image and colour consultancy, contact Carolle Partington of House of Colour. Although she is based in Madrid, she and here associates travel all over Spain to offer image and colour consultancy. She is an experienced, highly qualified professional, who could help to change your life. Have a look at her website:

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