Anti-Allergy Treatment varies in approach from clinic to clinic but often include Bioresonance Therapy and homeopathic cures. Treatment is a 2 to 7 week programme, involving medical observation and allergy testing.

There are some renowned and well-established clinics, mainly located in and around main towns such as Marbella and neighbouring Estepona on the Costa del Sol, which offer anti-allergy treatments. Foreign residents from the UK and other northern European countries have made the Costa del Sol their home for many years now and so thousands of people have used these clinics at some time or another. Although the pollution is lower in this part of Andalucia than many major cities around the world, still Asthma and other allergies cause pain and suffering.



With so many English-speaking residents and tourists in the Costa del Sol area, you will most likely be able to explain your complaint in English to medical staff. For a treatment such as Anti-Allergy, check out the clinic beforehand and ask how long it has been open and ensure that the doctors and nurses are properly qualified. While private clinics and medical practices are normally excellent in Andalucia and services have improved greatly over the last 10 or so years, it is still worth noting that the strict level of government regulation is not as high as in the UK and other European countries. If you are in any doubt about the authenticity of the centre, ask your GP for advice before you book any treatment.

Anti-Allergy treatment will begin with a detailed study of your medical history. Allergy tests will be taken in order to customize your treatment. Allergies are often detected by using Bioresonance Therapy. Since the immune system is weakened by the stress caused by the presence of an allergy. Electromagnetic energy is emitted from all matter and in some cases this energy is not compatible to our own. This gives rise to an allergic response. The Bioresonance method helps to locate incompatible elements, such as foodstuffs, house dust, cat hairs, etc. Following on from testing, a personal nutrition chart will be drawn up eliminating certain foodstuffs. The course may also include, sauna, Turkish baths and an exercise programme. You should receive a final medical check up at the end of the course of treatment and you may have a new lifestyle guide to follow.

Since this treatment is likely to be carried out over a time span of two and sometimes up to seven weeks, it is more geared to residents or those on an extended vacation. Before you agree to make any payments, check that you won't have to leave before completion of the course of treatment.
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