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Homeopathy is a 200 hundred-year-old system of treating illness with natural medicines.

by Dee McMath

Homeopathy is a 200 hundred-year-old system of treating illness with natural medicines, by using a 'like with like' approach to stimulate the body to self-heal, as opposed to conventional western medicine which aims to reduce symptoms of an illness.

Homeopathy is practiced worldwide and differs from conventional western medicine in that it sees illness as an attempt by the body to get back to good health. So, rather than simply prescribe medicines to take away the symptoms, the homeopath will rather work toward encouraging the body to work through the illness to regain balanced good health.
There are homeopathic doctors throughout Andalucia, many English speaking, especially in the Costa del Sol area where there are so many British residents. There are even opportunities on the coast to follow courses on homeopathy (see Lifestyle & Health Courses).



As with so many alternative treatments, homeopathy treats the patient rather than the disease, since each person reacts in a different way to illness and treatment. For instance if you go to a homeopathic doctor with a debilitating cough, you may be given a homeopathic remedy to bring the cough out, rather than to suppress the cough. The theory is that the cough is a symptom or a sign that the body is trying to rid itself of the problem and homeopathy is based on helping to bring you back into balance by encouraging the body to heal itself.

The homeopath has a different view on the healthy human being than the conventional western doctor. For the homeopathic doctor, health is not simply where there is no sign of disease, but it is a combination of balance and wellbeing physically, mentally and emotionally. With all three levels in balance and harmony, full health is attained. If, however you have an emotional problem or a food allergy, then you are not totally free and therefore not totally healthy. Even if you need to take vitamin supplements to keep you strong and well, this is considered to be a problem because if you were to stop taking the vitamins, you would find that you are not 'cured'. The aim of homeopathy is to help the body to restore itself to complete health.

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