Detox Treatments

Detox Treatments

by Dee McMath

Detox Treatments are regulated courses lasting anything from 2 days to 2 weeks, where you are guided by medical professionals to cleanse your body inside and out. The course will include nutritional information and an exercise plan for use afterwards.

Maybe you've thought of trying a detox programme in the past, having read something in a magazine or the health section of your daily newspaper. It has been in vogue for some years now and we see the results in technicolour when film and TV personalities return to the spotlight time spent in a luxury detox clinic. Weight loss and clear youthful skin are just two of the benefits from a correctly followed detox plan.
Andalucia is a wonderful place to hand yourself over to the experts and give your body the spring clean it needs. The best place to find a top clinic, which specialises in this type of treatment, is along the so-called 'Golden Mile' just outside the town of Marbella on the Costa del Sol. The 'Golden Mile' is so called because of the wealth and wealthy inhabitants it has attracted over the years. Before living in America, Sean Connery spent many years in this area and still loves the place. Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffiths spend time in their nearby villa and many more well known names and faces live all or part of the year in this sunny paradise.



A good starting point is to ask your local travel agency if there is a special luxury health resort brochure, which gives all the main, reputable health clinics, including prices for the different detox packages, length of stay, etc.

Detox treatments have always been a favourite amongst those whose image is everything. Nowadays, more of us are aware of the health benefits, as well as the obvious incentive to look slimmer, younger and more attractive. Its not just about denying yourself all that you want to eat, drink and smoke, its also about pampering yourself and feeling pleased with the results. This is better done by the professionals under strict regime in a luxurious health clinic, than struggling to keep up unreasonable and often harmful demands on yourself at home.

Once you arrive at the clinic of your choice, you will have a thorough medical consultation to make sure the programme you are given has no adverse affect on your general health. There will be a series of treatments, such as acupuncture, body massage, etc. and you will be given an exercise programme to follow. You will receive dietary information and your food and drink will be tailored to your needs during your stay. If you are a smoker, you will be encouraged not to smoke for the days of the detox, to allow your body to get maximum benefit from your stay. Colonic irrigation is often used as part of the detox programme and special food supplements are given to compensate for any loss of minerals and good flora from the process. You will be encouraged to drink plenty of fresh water and to avoid tea, coffee, soft drinks and alcohol.

While all this may sound like life in a boot camp, the austerity of the diet is offset by the comfort and luxury offered by the clinic, usually in the form of stunning surroundings, sauna, Turkish baths, swimming pools and pampering treatments such as massage. This, combined with the beautiful backdrop of the Mediterranean, sub tropical gardens and the warm Andalucian sunshine, makes more like a holiday than a cure.

Its once thing to come back from a holiday with a sun tan, its even nicer to come back looking and feeling totally revitalised and see that look of envy on the faces of all your friends and family. Most of the clinics in this area have regular clients who wouldn't miss their annual detox visit.
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