Magnet Therapy

Magnet Therapy

by Dee McMath

Magnet Therapy is the specialised use of magnets to improve blood flow and oxygen supply to the red blood cells, increasing energy levels and accelerating healing. Said to boost the immune system, heal sports injuries and reduce inflammation.

Very popular in modern day Japan, Magnet Therapy (also known as magnetotherapy or biomagnetic therapy) has been used to accelerate healing since ancient times in Egypt, Greece and China. This alternative remedy is being talked about in Andalucia as well as many parts of Europe. Although there are not yet many practitioners in Andalucia, the most likely area you will find Magnet Therapy in Andalucia is along the Costa del Sol and especially in the main towns, such as Fuengirola. In the case of Magnet Therapy, however, it is worth noting that in the Province of Granada, especially in the Alpujarra mountain area, there is said to be a powerful magnetic field, which promotes good health and attracts many alternative therapists. So, apart from the stunning natural beauty you find there, this also has head start in the field of magnetic therapy.



To track down more information on practitioners of Magnet Therapy in and around Granada, you are best to visit the local Health shop ('Herboristería) in the nearest town or village. Many English-speaking people live and work in these parts and post small ads or leave flyers and information of their services in the 'Herboristería'. The shopkeeper will usually also be the owner of the shop and is normally a fountain of general local knowledge on therapies and practitioners. In some cases, the shop will have therapy rooms and visiting alternative consultants. More often than not, English will be understood, so don't be shy to ask questions.

Magnet therapy is based on the belief that the human body, like the earth, is surrounded by a magnetic field. This natural magnetism radiates and vibrates around us is a reflection of our state of health. It is claimed that the iron atoms in our red blood cells react to magnets being placed on the body to improve blood circulation in the area of application. Magnet therapists claim that modern life has a weakening effect on our natural magnetism and the effects of pollution from our many electric appliances (especially, TV's, computers, microwave ovens and mobile phones). With the increase in technological advances, our magnetic balance is being compromised. This, in turn is said to affect the body's natural power to self heal.

This therapy is used to treat such conditions as bone fractures, arthritic pain, sprains and sports injuries, circulation problems and backache. A reading of your blood pressure will be taken before treatment, along with a consultation to find out your medical history and nature of your complaint. Then special magnets will be placed on your legs or arms or area of the problem. These magnets are connected to an electric circuit and a pulsing electromagnetic field is passed through the body to make the blood circulation flow more freely. Although there is no physical sensation at the point of the magnets on your body, during and after the 30 minutes or so of treatment, you gradually become more and more relaxed. Different levels of magnetism are used for different ailments. If your aim is to reduce your blood pressure, then a reading will be taken after 6 or more sessions to monitor progress. If treatment is aimed at lessening arthritic pain or healing a sports injury, the patient will notice the improvement in physical terms. The treatment has been shown to improve the supply of oxygen to you blood cells. This in turn has the effect of increasing your energy levels, accelerates the healing process and generally boosts the immune system.

As with most alternative remedies, the sceptics would like to see more proof scientific proof. However, since a controlled study in America in 1997, where post-polio patients were given magnet therapy and reported a significant pain reduction, many champion golfers, tennis players and athletes have had therapy to relieve pain from injuries.

Although no side effects have been detected, you should not have this treatment if you are pregnant, trying to conceive or if you are fitted with a pacemaker.

The fact that a session of magnet therapy leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed, described so well the feeling I always have after a few days in the Granada countryside. This may not be only the magnetic powers of that countryside, but the experts insist that it does have something to do with it.
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