by Dee McMath

Healing is the channelling and interaction of energy fields between healer and patient, causing certain blockages to be cleared. The healing is directed at the body's energy centres (Chakras) to allow a free flow of energy to rebalance emotional and physical wellbeing.

Andalucia has become a well-known centre for healing over the last decade. There are healers practicing on the Costa del Sol, as well as in many of the inland villages just a few kilometres back from the coast. There are also many English-speaking healers who have settled in and around the Granada area, which is renowned for it's particularly tranquil and mystic, almost magical atmosphere. The Alpujarra Mountains are a favourite paradise for those seeking spiritual solace and peace of mind - to such an extent that Buddhists have chosen a very special spot, high in the mountain for a spiritual retreat. Check out a local health shop (in Spanish - "Herboristeria") where there is often a notice board giving information on Healers and other therapists in the area.



Healing involves spiritual, physical and psychological direction. The healer may lay their hands on the patient to channel energy and encourage healing of body and soul. Healing is based on the premise that we are not simply physical beings, but that we also have an auric field and chakras. All this relates to our energy field and specific points of energy, which if interrupted or blocked, become manifest as physical and emotional problems - often in the form of illness.

A healing session will normally take over an hour. The healer will talk to the patient to find out information, but while speaking he/she will be using all his/her sense of smell, hearing and touch to know as much as possible about the patient's condition. It is this highly sensitive perception, which is used as the main tool in healing.

The healer will normally start by running energy from the feet and move towards the upper body, laying hands on main energy points. The techniques used vary, depending on what the healer senses as the healing process takes place. The most common outcome for the patient during a healing session is a sense of deep calmness and often a shift into the so-called alpha state - somewhere between sleep and awake. This is also known as a healing state. The patient will normally rest for five or ten minutes after the healing has finished, to return to a fully conscious state before preparing to leave.

Illness can often be a subconscious barrier to avoid feeling painful memories and feelings. While healing may no always break down the blocks preventing you from clearing the way to immediate good health, it can often lead to a renewed feeling of peace, which opens the pathway to further healing in the future.

Healing is not a guaranteed cure, but it is considered as a safe complementary method, which can be used as a support alongside your normal health care. It can, however, stand on its own in some cases, as a form of therapy for both emotional and physical problems.

The beautiful sub tropical surroundings of the Costa del Sol and the Andalucian simplicity of the little white washed inland villages are perfect settings to embark on this type of healing. If you are particularly interested in this type of therapy, it is well worth investigating the truly magical area around the Granada region. The landscape alone has a beneficial effect in raising your spirits.

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