Harmonic Resonance Therapy

Harmonic Resonance Therapy

by Dee McMath

Harmonic Resonance Therapy encourages our body cells' own frequency to be amplified by running a small, electromagnetic current through the palm of the hand or the ball of the foot. Its effect is an increase in energy and mental clarity.

The harmonic resonance therapist believes that when our bodies are in good health, we can heal ourselves of anything. The problem is that we live in a world of continued stress, pollution, etc. Since our health is dependent on our entire body vibrating at the correct frequencies, how can we achieve this harmony with so many barriers?



Qualified therapists in this field are most likely based on the Costa del Sol, in the Marbella area, where many British and English speakers live or spend some time of the year. You will also find this therapy in some of the holistic health clinics. Whether on the Costa del Sol or in an inland village area of Andalucia, the best place to source details of practitioners is the local Health Shop, in Spanish - "Herboristeria". They often have a notice board with information of clinics or local health resorts.

Harmonic Resonance Therapy works by running a small electromagnetic current through the palm of your hand or the ball of your foot, by means of the Bio-Resonator. This encourages your body cells' own frequency to be amplified, which in turn leads to increased energy, mental clarity and regeneration.

The body atoms and liquids are minutely vibrated at a finely calibrated frequency so that harmful toxins are released, allowing the body to eliminate cellular toxins and debris.

Each session lasts approximately one hour and the number of sessions you may require will depend on your particular condition. It is essential that this treatment is given by a fully trained Harmonic Resonance Therapist, who has full knowledge and experience of the Bio-Resonator machine. The session should be a pleasant and comfortable experience, with no pain or side effects. No drugs are involved in this therapy.

This treatment is said to help with such ailments as:

Arthritis, Candida, Cystitis, Varicose Veins, Asthma, Lack of Mental Focus, Stress, menopausal symptoms - and many others.

The theory behind the Bio-Resonator is to free your body's energy to allow it to resonate at its correct frequency and therefore give it the chance to heal itself. This is therefore a non-intrusive method of healing and one that believes that the power that creates us can heal us. To have this type of treatment in spring or autumn in Andalucia, is both a cleansing and invigorating experience and made even more enjoyable by the wonderful weather in this area at those times.

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