Dance Movement Therapy

Dance Movement Therapy

by Dee McMath

Dance Movement Therapy is the use of dance moves to liberate your true self and to connect with your creativity, thus empowering you to really enjoy life.

Using specific methods such as Gabrielle Roth 5 Rhythms, dance movement therapy is a fun approach to freeing your inhibitions and finding the natural, balanced you. This in turn promotes inner calm and self-confidence.

You will find such dance movement classes in some drama and holistic centres in Fuengirola and possibly in other towns along the Costa del Sol. You may also be able to join specific courses from April to October in some holistic holiday centres around the Granada area and specifically around the village of Orgiva, at the foot of the Alpujarra Mountains. Many English-speaking teachers of dance movement have been drawn to these areas of Andalucia because of the calm spiritual surroundings and the good climate.



The Gabrielle Roth 5 Rhythm Ecstatic Dance classes are not only fun, but also a most invigorating way to approach improvisational dance. You need no previous experience of dance and your age or the shape of your body is of no importance whatsoever. The benefits are a chance to transform and heal your mind and body. The aim is to still the mind and thus reveal your power, passion and presence. The movement of the dance is based on the joy of the dance of life. "If you don't dance your dance who will?"

These dance classes are not only for women - men benefit in just the same way. There is a specific sequence of dance movements to lead you to know yourself and find inner happiness. Through movements related to the flowing (earth) feminine mother, we are connected to our birth cycle and we return to a primitive state. From the Staccato (Fire) masculine, father heart, the yang, passion awakens our energies and melts down our masculine armour. Chaos (water) dance represents the rhythms of flowing and staccato colliding and creating the rhythm of chaos. Chaos is the gateway to our intuitive mind - it is the realm of art - free of all structures of the ordinary world. Lyrical (Air) is the dance where you let go of all physical resistance. This is a lightening up after the Chaos and is the gateway to trance. Then comes the dance of Stillness, which is a form of meditation. This is where you find your wisdom, compassion and inspiration.

Find yourself through dance therapy in Andalucia and you may find a whole new way of life.
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