Oxygen Facial

Oxygen Facial

by Dee McMath

Oxygen Facial is a combination of beauty treatment and science in the form of a relaxing and rejuvenating facial, which helps to reduce fine lines and improves the complexion.

A real treat to your face is a facial, which includes the use of pure oxygen as part of the treatment. Depending on the salon you choose, this facial will vary slightly, but it should always be a positive outcome.

Oxygen facials are becoming very popular, as the rejuvenating power of oxygen is becoming well known. With the ever-increasing number of foreign residents in Andalucia and especially in the Marbella area of the Costa del Sol, treatments of this kind are now available. The British and other Northern Europeans who now live on the coast are known to be health and beauty conscious and demand the latest technology. Many of the beauty areas in the larger hotels along the coast offer this treatment, as well as better beauty clinics in main towns, especially Marbella and Estepona. Many of the glossy, English language magazines (easily found in the better hotels and health clinics) often carry adverts for places giving this and other facial treatments.

Treatments such as the oxygen facial are no longer only available for the rich and famous, but are within the range of most of us - although perhaps sometimes reserved for special occasions.



Although Andalucia is not as highly polluted as many other areas in Europe, in some of the major towns and cities and along the highways, heavy traffic adds toxins to our clean air. Pollution and bad eating habits of our time is a threat to the skin's vitality. The build up of toxins means less oxygen reaches our blood cells. One of the results is a more aging and wrinkled skin.

The deep cleansing effect of the facial, followed by the application of pure oxygen will give your skin a major boost and make you look and feel fantastic. Tone, texture and elasticity are improved by this therapy, which is also relaxing and revitalising.

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