Unwind and pamper yourself in Andalucia. © Michelle Chaplow
Unwind and pamper yourself in Andalucia

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by Dee McMath

Thalassotherapy comes from the Greek word 'Thalssa' for the sea. It is a natural therapy using seawater in many different types of relaxing and reviving therapies, such as hydro baths, jet spray and body wraps.



If you want to unwind and pamper yourself, this is one of the best ways to do it. Thalassotherapy uses natural seawater, with all its benefits and nutrients for the skin, to revive and de-stress you. There are many hotels in Andalucia, which offer Thalassotherapy treatments. There are interesting packages from two to three days or even one or two weeks. Along the Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz, several the four and five star hotels have a luxurious spa area. Many of these hotels are on golf courses, which often suits couples where just one is a golfer and so the other can enjoy the spa treatments.

Thalassotherapy is one of the oldest, most natural and best ways to treat stress. It involves the use of seawater, normally heated to a comfortable temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. Most spas offer different types of 'cure', using various methods, such as marine hydrotherapy is a form of Thalassotherapy where water jets propel the seawater, which massages, stimulates circulation and reduces pain and inflammation. Other treatments include a spa bath with added nutrients where you relax normally for around 20 - 30 minutes. The mineral and nutrient rich properties are both curative and restorative, for both internal and external benefit.
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