Alternative Health - Power Yoga and Astanga Yoga

Power Yoga and Astanga Yoga

by Dee McMath

Power Yoga is considered to be one of the most physically demanding forms of modern yoga. It requires and builds on stamina, physical strength, flexibility and controlled breathing. It is not normally recommended for beginners. It is derived from the ancient practice of Astanga Yoga. A Power Yoga teacher is likely to tell you that 'Where there is no effort there is no benefit'. A Power Yoga class can vary in format and does not follow a strict sequence of postures and exercises. However you will need an experienced teacher to guide you.

Astanga Yoga To reap the benefits of this ancient and rather strenuous form of yoga requires regular practice. Attention to the breathing and the Yoga philosophy is essential. In contrast to the Power Yoga where the class will vary, Astanga Yoga follows a strict order and format, which will always be adhered to by your Yoga teacher. The benefits are well worth the effort - see general benefits of Yoga.

Both Astanga and Power Yoga require mental and physical discipline, but the rewards of perseverance and dedication will pay off as you discover how vibrant and healthy your mind and body can become.



You will find power yoga classes in many parts of Andalusia. The Costa del Sol, where there are a large percentage of British and other northern European residents and visitors all the year round is a good place to find yoga. Most of the gyms and health clubs offer some yoga and many have power yoga. This is especially true of the Málaga and Marbella area of the coast. The mountainous area around Granada known as the Alpujarras is also a favourite retreat for many yoga practitioners and there are often centres there which offer yoga holidays for one or two weeks, as well as weekend Yoga workshops.

A good source for finding out more about courses on the coast and inland is the free bilingual (English/Spanish) monthly magazine Chispa. It is distributed at various points between Tarifa and Málaga. It has some excellent articles and adverts that can help you find what you need in the way of teachers, classes and general advice. You will also find yoga teachers and yoga classes advertised in the free weekly newspaper on the coast, Sur in English. It comes out each Friday.

Because of the excellent climate in Andalusia, it is a perfect place to learn and practice both Power and Astanga Yoga in natural surroundings, either by the sea or in the mountains. Even in the summer months, early mornings on the beach, as the sun comes up, is a perfect setting to feel at one with the world and the tranquility of the Alpujarra mountain area is simply idyllic.


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