Bach Flower Remedy

The lotus flower © Michelle Chaplow
The lotus flower

by Dee McMath

Bach Flower Remedy is the use of certain flower essences to treat emotional problems. The method has been used since the 1930's, when Dr. Edward Bach observed that personality types had a close relation to certain patterns of illness.

Some of you will have heard of Bach Flower Remedies, but may not be fully aware of the power of the healing properties they offer. These special flower remedies have been available and used throughout the world since 1936, when Dr. Bach died. You will find excellent Health Food Shops in Andalucia. In Spanish look for "Herboristería". There is at least one Herboristería in every town and in the larger cities there will be several. All along the Costa del Sol, you will find such shops are often run by Swedish, British, Danish and other nationalities, as well as many Spanish run shops. Bach Flower Remedies are often labeled in English, but if you find yourself in a Spanish Herboristería, then look for 'Flores de Bach'.

Unless you have specific knowledge about how to use the flower remedies, it's best to consult with a naturopath or homeopathic practitioner for advice. If you are in the Costa del Sol area, you are more likely to find English speaking assistance in the Health Shop. If you prefer to speak to a Bach Flower expert, whether in the multicultural area of the Costa del Sol and especially if you are visiting inland Andalucia, the Herboristeria is your first port of call. There will usually be a notice board listing specialist treatments, including contact numbers. Whether you speak Spanish or not, its well worth making a local phone call to find out if the practitioner speaks some English. In some inland towns, such as Granada, Seville and Cordoba - away from the bustle and more international area of the holiday coastline, you may still be pleasantly surprised to be able to speak English. If not, it may be worth finding someone to translate for you.



A consultation should begin with a chat about why you would like to use Bach Flower Remedies and about your emotional state. A good practitioner will be noticing not just what you say, but how you say it. She/he will be noting voice tone, body posture and how you answer certain questions. Often its as much what you don't say as what you say, that reveals how you are coping with a particular situation. On this basis, the Bach Flower expert can ascertain which flower remedies will suit your needs. You will be given a customized mix of flower essences and told how many drops to take per day and for how long.

This is a particularly pleasant therapy to combine with other practices, such as meditation and gem remedies. If you have a particular emotional problem - perhaps recovering from a trauma of some kind; divorce, death of a loved one, recovering from illness, etc. inner Andalucia is a very calm and mystical place to rest and regain strength. The Alpujarra Mountain area in the Granada Region is renowned for their spiritual and healing properties. Another beautiful area of Andalucia to rest and regain your emotional balance is along the Atlantic Coast from Tarifa (best known for its windsurfing) to Cadiz.
If you decide to retreat for peace and quiet to either of these two areas while taking your Bach Flower Remedy, avoid extreme temperatures and busy holiday times. Granada and the Alpujarra Mountain area can be very cold in winter, with the Sierra Nevada Ski Station open from December to April. The Atlantic resort of Tarifa is very hot and windy and busy with keen young windsurfers from June to September and is especially popular in July and August.






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