Alternative Health - Psychosexual Somatics Therapy


This new therapy combines talking and bodywork (massage and reiki) to help patients resolve issues in their sex life.

For those who are not happy with the physical aspect of their relationship, making the initial contact with a therapist can be the most challenging step, after which almost 50% of cases are resolved just with talking.

A combination of cognitive (mental) and somatic (physical) aspects of therapy can offer resolution to problems, based on the theory that only by addressing both mind and body can a full resolution be achieved.



Many issues are purely psychological, and once a person is in a comfortable, safe and respectful environment with established boundaries, he or she finds it easier to discuss matters which can initially seem embarrassing. Relaxation techniques such as breathing can also help, especially when the root of the problem lies in past experiences whose effects haven’t yet been dealt with.

Low sex drive, previous negative experiences, and even lack of experience, are some of the issues which can be resolved using this therapy. Sometimes people simply need to have a confidential conversation with a sympathetic professional to be reassured that their concerns and worries are entirely normal.

How it Works

The therapy starts off with a first session of taking the person’s history – talking about their sexual experiences from teenage years to current day. The therapist will try to determine where the issues which are causing difficulties have originated. Then touch or talking therapy is suggested.

A therapeutic process may contain one or more of the following four stages:

1: awareness of cognitive and affective issues through psychotherapeutic processes
2: release of somatic and affective blocks and trauma through physical therapy
3: re-framing somatic response and re-connection to the body through sensual touch
4: allowing sexual response and empowerment through pre-agreed touch, breath, sound
and movement techniques

A very recently-developed therapy, Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy has only been practised since 2012, and is awaiting accreditation by a leading UK university.