Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

by Dee McMath

Spiritual Healing or the 'laying on of hands' is the ancient method of channelling energy through the healer to the patient to trigger self-healing in the body.

Spiritual healing is one of the oldest therapies there is. It dates far back into ancient times, when Greeks, Chinese and Egyptians all used it to treat all kinds of diseases. The church looked on this treatment with great suspicion, sending many innocent practitioners to their death in the Middle Ages, branding them as witches. Nowadays, spiritual healing is used in some cancer clinics and even in some hospital wards in some European countries.



Andalucia is becoming an increasingly popular part of the world for spiritual healers to settle or visit. In particular, in some areas of Granada province there are small holistic centres and retreats which offer individual healing  as well as courses. The area known as the 'Alpujarras' which backs onto the 'Sierra Nevada', is a wonderful area to explore if you are looking for this type of experience. There are also centres and individual healers to be found in other parts of Andalucia such as Tarifa and along the Costa del Sol including Velez-Malaga and in some other inland villages of La Axarquia. 

The spiritual healer acts as a channel for the energy, which they guide through your body, by way of touch. Many healers use 'aura healing', through which they can see or sense the colour of the magnetic field around your body and thus use visualisation to heal you with the colour you may lack or need more of. The treatment is usually given in a very quiet room and you will be required to sit or lie down and relax. The healer will use his or her concentration to determine where your problem might be, as well as talking to you beforehand to ask why you have come to them.

This type of healing can be applied to most health problems, but is normally sought after by people with ailments such as bad backs, arthritis, anxiety, stress and emotional problems.

A session of spiritual healing is bound to leave you feeling more both relaxed and energised.

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