Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage

by Dee McMath

Lymphatic Drainage is a special type of massage, using specific pressure, which stimulates the lymph system to remove waste and build the body's defences.



Lymphatic drainage massage is very popular, especially amongst women. Most beauty clinics in Andalucia offer this type of massage. The price will vary depending on the status of the clinic. In and around the Marbella area on the Costa del Sol, the larger and more luxurious clinics and beauty centres will obviously charge a lot more than the humble high street or even village beauty salon. Depending on your needs, you may want, or be advised to have a series of these massages, so consider this with the cost at the outset. If you prefer the option of communicating in English with the salon and the therapist, then you might be better to book up this massage while you are in the Costa del Sol area. A large percentage of the resident population are English speaking in this area and so if the salon is not British owned, the staff will likely speak English with you.

A lymphatic drainage massage will normally take around 1 hour and it is recommended to help many conditions, including: Cellulite, water retention (swollen ankles, bags under the eyes, etc), constipation, migraine and sinus problems - as well as many more.



Lymphatic drainage massage has the effect of unblocking and eliminating toxins, which build up in our bodies from poor eating habits and also from pollution from the environment. The release and disposal of this waste helps to boost the immune system and to kick start our metabolism to function more efficiently. This helps to reduce water retention and also helps with weight loss.

The massage should be relaxing and if a course of lymphatic drainage massages is combined with a healthy lifestyle, including the intake of plenty of fresh water, you will be rewarded with an improved and younger looking skin.

Leading up to the summer months in Andalucia, the lymphatic drainage massage is a favourite choice for many beach goers, who want to look there best under the warm Spanish sun.

It is not recommended to have this, or any type of massage, if you are pregnant and you should always consult with your doctor before considering any treatments.
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