Alternative Health - Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy conjures up images of therapists dangling shiny objects in front of their patients, but in fact, this is hardly a good description of a form of therapy that is used by a wide array of mental health professionals today. Psychologists, psychotherapists may use this as a tool as well as those dedicated exclusively to hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is quite popular in some parts of Andalucia, especially in areas like the Costa del Sol, where many people from around the world live together.

In the province of Málaga you are especially likely to find English-speaking specialists in hypnotherapy. Some will use this form of treatment to solve a wide variety of problems - everything from depression or low self confidence to nail biting, fear of flying or addictions. Others specialise in treating specific problems, specialising in helping people to stop smoking, for example.

Professionals who use hypnotherapy report high success rates. It is important that you feel comfortable with the person administering the therapy and in some cases you will need follow up visits over the years in order to maintain results.