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by Dee McMath

Anti-Stress treatment can take many forms. Usually therapies such as acupuncture, massage, and meditation will be included after an initial health check, including blood pressure reading, has been taken.

The most widely advertised and easily accessed anti-stress treatments can be booked at any one of the well-known, up-market health clinics along the Costa del Sol. A few of these clinics have been established for over 20 years and people come from all over the world to spend a week, a fortnight or longer, following and anti-stress treatment. The setting of the coastline, and sub-tropical gardens often surrounding the clinics, together with the exceptional climate in this region, offer the perfect backdrop to de-stress and unwind. There are also many smaller, less formal health centres inland and especially around the Granada area, deep in the Andalucian countryside. The Alpujarra Mountains in the Granada region are particularly renowned for their mystical powers and perfect if you prefer to escape the noise and bustle of the Costa del Sol. This countryside is said to have natural magnetic properties, which is beneficial for the blood circulation, thus promoting a more relaxed state and better health. These centres may not have the level of luxury offered by the coastal clinics and it is worth asking if they have air conditioning and central heating, since summer and winter can reach extremes of hot and cold, which could make your visit unpleasant. It is also important to find out as much as possible about a centre, which is off the beaten track, since regulations are less adhered to in more remote areas.



After and initial health check, you will receive a combination of therapies, which will normally include, acupuncture, relaxing massage, mediation, sauna, Turkish Baths, Jacuzzi and physical exercise. Since it is proven that the type of food we eat affects our general state of mind and stress levels, you will probably be advised what foods suit you best. Treatments can be over one day, several days or even several weeks, depending on levels of stress and your time available. This treatment should begin and end with a medical check up and of course, you should be feeling relaxed and motivated by the time you are ready to leave.

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