Colonic Irrigation

Colonic Irrigation

by Dee McMath

Colonic Irrigation is the evacuation of accumulated toxins and waste products from the bowels, colon and intestine using tepid water. Qualified therapists with a medical background should carry out this treatment.

You may not immediately associate beautiful southern Spain with Colonic irrigation, but it is becoming more popular with residents and visitors to the area. With the western world becoming ever more aware of general health issues and prevention being better than cure, the demand for this type of therapy is on the increase. This is especially true of the Costa del Sol, where thousands of British, Scandinavian, German and other Northern Europeans spend all or some of the year. This health conscious, cosmopolitan mind set is certainly not shy of considering this treatment, knowing its benefits in prevention of many ailments. There are a few specialist clinics that offer Colonic irrigation. My advice would be to stick to the larger, more reputable clinics for this kind of treatment. When administered correctly, this therapy is and excellent cure for many long term ailments, but it is very important that the therapist is a certified, qualified, colonic hydrotherapist. Use your common sense when choosing such treatment and if in any doubt, ask a local GP for his/her opinion before booking anything.

While some people are horrified at the thought of clearing out your colon, the practice was used as far back as 1500 BC in ancient Egypt and was considered essential for reasons of beauty and longevity. Treatment involves the insertion of a small applicator (can be inserted by yourself) being guided very gently into your rectum. Luke warm water is gradually introduced into your colon helping with the cleansing of all faecal matter and toxins. In a normal 40-minute session, you will experience between 30 to 40 releases. The sterile equipment and enclosed waste system of the special device, ensures that there is no unpleasant or embarrassing odour whatsoever. The Therapist should help during the treatment by massaging the stomach and abdominal area to ease any slight discomfort you may experience and for best results.



Our modern lifestyle leaves a lot to be desired and clogs up our intestine to such an extent that residual matter often gets stuck to the intestine walls, causing a myriad of ailments over a period of time. This toxic waste can cause effects that lead to tiredness, a bloated stomach and chronic constipation as well as other ailments such as allergies, skin disorders, backache and even arthritis. Fast foods, smoking, drugs, excessive alcohol, lack of regular exercise and not enough fresh water intake are some of the main reasons for a sluggish digestion and clogged colon.



Whether you are on holiday or resident on the Costa del Sol, it could be worth considering having a consultation with a Colonic therapist at a good clinic in the area, to find out more. Your first visit will include an in depth questionnaire to cover your personal medical history. Colonic irrigation is not advised if you are pregnant. After a preliminary check up to make sure there is no reason why you should not have treatment, you may be advised to have between one and three sessions over a two week period. You will probably notice after one or two sessions a general improvement in your complexion, your sleeping pattern and as a nice side effect; you may loose a few kilos.



I received numerous compliments about how well I was looking after I finished my four sessions. I also felt more positive and energetic. I also lost a couple of kilos, which I was careful not to put on again.

So Colonic irrigation might be something to add to the 'to-do in Andalucia' list after all!













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