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Swimming Pool Water Purifiers

By Dee McMath

One of the great things about living or visiting Andalucia is the year round use of the swimming pool. If you are lucky enough to own your own pool, then you will either know of come to know that it is important to keep the water clean. Historically, treating the water with chemicals such as acid and chlorine has been the only way to keep the walls and floor of the pool algae free. The problem is that the chemicals are not only expensive, but also abrasive on the tiled surfaces, to say nothing of being a health hazard.

The perfect solution to this problem is to have a much more eco friendly system installed, which eliminates the use of strong chemicals and cuts down the amount of chlorine to a minimum. A method of purifying the water with ionisers ensures that the algae spores are starved of oxygen and are therefore destroyed before they can spoil the pool. This is a cleaner and safer way to keep the water clean and free of bacteria. You not only save money by prolonging the life of your pool, but more importantly this softer water is also kinder on the skin. Asthma suffers will notice the difference as will those with sensitive skin. Stinging red eyes and earache from swimming in the pool will become a thing of the past.

Chemicals are becoming less popular, not only due to the latest health reports, but also because of the costs. Water purifying systems tend to reduce the running costs of your swimming pool substantially. Reducing the chlorine by over 90% adds up to big monthly savings straight away. The long term benefit of longer lasting pool tiles is further enhanced by the fact that the pump will also last longer than if you use the corrosive chlorine and salt systems.

With water being such a rare commodity in Andalusia (especially in the hot summer months), a water purifying system in the pool could also solve the problem of watering the garden or patio. Pool water that contains harsh chemicals has to be flushed away through the drains, but with pure water it can be recycled safely back into the soil to make the garden grow.

Many people are choosing a water purifying system using ionisers and U.V. radiation rather than either chlorine or even salt, because they find that it deals much more efficiently and safely with bacteria and viruses.

Looking into a water purifying system in the pool could not only save you money, but also literally save your skin!

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