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Catering in Andalucia, delicious sea food tapas. © Michelle Chaplow
Catering in Andalucia, delicious sea food tapas

event catering in andalucia

Have you ever faced the pressure of throwing an important party and had things not go the way you had wished? If you can answer "yes" to the previous question, then you can appreciate just how reassuring having a professional caterer look after your needs can be. Be it a small, intimate gathering in your own home or be it a large happening of 200-300 people, a professional caterer can make the difference between success and failure when it really counts.



what can i expect from a caterer?

Professional event caterers can help you plan your event from its initial conception to the moment that the last guest leaves safely for home. Decisions concerning the menu selection, the selection and preparation of the venue, and the serving of the meal itself can all be part of your consultations with the caterering company. Event catering is not something reserved for just the bright lights of big cities like Malaga, but caterers operate right across the Costa del Sol and throughout the rest of Andalucia. Make your next happening a memorable one for everyone in attendance, for all the right reasons.

Where do they operate?

Everywhere. With popular tourist destinations like Malaga, Fuengirola, Torremolinos and Marbella, to name but a few, being situated on just the Costa del Sol, it is no surprise that there is a large selection of companies ready to cater for those tourists that want the full feet up experience during their time abroad. Chose from a fantastic array of dishes from fresh Mediterranean sea food to local recipes practiced for generations, originating from one of the many Andalucian towns and villages. Whatever the event, big or small, there will be catering company ready to help. 

what to serve?

Andalucia is full of culinary traditions and specialties. If you want some inspiration when planning your event take a look at our Recipes page to get ideas on what to cook, and to see what food is famous for each province take a look at our Provincial Specialties page.



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