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If you want a really stress-free run-up to your wedding, and you don’t mind paying to offload the nitty-gritty of the organisation onto someone who is based here in Andalucia, and speaks the language, then why not consider hiring a wedding planner to make all on-the-ground preparations for your big day?



They can help you to choose a venue for your ceremony - whether hotel, private finca, town hall or church – and reception; give advice about paperwork; select your menu, and entertainment (flamenco guitar? live band? disco?); hire a photographer; book your accommodation and transport, and those of your guests; bring in hair stylists and beauticians; book beauty treatments – maybe a relaxing massage when you arrive, or even on the morning of your wedding day. In short, all the legwork and hassle you’d probably rather avoid, but you’ll still maintain control over the important decisions – chilled glass of sherry on arrival, or champagne? Traditional Andalucian ham, cheese and olives, or more avant-garde nibbles?

These planners are generally professionals with years of experience, who live here in Andalucia, speak fluent Spanish, and have the knowledge and contacts to make all the planning and preparation go smoothly, so you don’t have to worry. They will update you regularly by email, keeping you informed of developments in every aspect of your wedding. The only thing they can’t guarantee is the weather, but here in Andalucia you’ve got a pretty decent chance of sunshine.

You’ll find that hiring a wedding planner is money well spent – all you need to do is arrive with your dress, family and friends, and it will all be ready and waiting for you. You and your partner can concentrate on enjoying yourself and having fun with your friends and family. After all, it is your day.


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