Getting Married in Andalucia

Marriage on the beach in Andalucia © Michelle Chaplow
Marriage on the beach in Andalucia

Getting married in Andalucia

Thinking of having your wedding in Andalucia? Then we have the complete guide to the what, where, when and how to plan your big day here in sunny southern Spain.

From dresses and jewellery, to photographers, plus the nitty-gritty of which documents you need – all the ideas you need to organise your wedding is here.



Celebrate your wedding in Andalucia

Celebrate your wedding in Andalucia

Firstly, and most importantly, you and your partner (los novios) need to decide where you want to say your votos (vows). There’s a huge range of venues available for wedding ceremonies in Andalucia, from beautiful haciendas set within groves of orange and almond trees, to grand hotels, to smaller, more intimate venues. Whether you envision saying Si consiento (“I do”) in a historic city (Seville  or Granada, say), in a quiet mountain village (the Alpujarras) or by a beach (Costa del Sol, Costa de la Luz), you will find what you’re looking for here in Andalucia.

Of course you get the wonderful Andalucian sun and blue sky for free, so just add to that the warm, informal Spanish people and throw in some tasty tapas – or a full-blown five-course sit-down dinner, if that’s more your thing – and you have the makings of a truly memorable occasion.

if neither of the novios are Spanish they will not have a libro de familiar (family history book) and the paperwork sid may be too time consuming. Some couples opt for a civil registrar in Gibraltar or elswhere and then a blessing and an the full celebration in Andalucia

Find out what you need to know from our topic-by-topic guide including wedding planners, Venues, ceremonies and meals, photographers and videos and an A to Z of spanish weddings.

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Thinking of having your wedding in Andalucia? Then we have the complete guide to the what, where, when and how to plan your big day here in sunny southern Spain.

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Many people choose to follow in the footsteps of Sir Sean Connery and John Lennon and Yoko Ono and get married on the Rock.
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