Wine in Andalucia

Where better to enjoy wine than in Southern Spain? © Michelle Chaplow
Where better to enjoy wine than in Southern Spain?

Here’s to an Andalucian toast!

Andalucia has a long history of winemaking and produces several interesting and taste-worthy products you’re sure to enjoy. 




Wine area and types

There are over 40.000 Hectares of vineyards in Andalucia. Over half of the wine in Andalucia is produced in four "Denominación de Origen" (DO) areas (equivalent to France's Appellation d'origine controllée).


Jerez sherry

Andalucia produces one of the most famous wines in the world, Sherry, from winyards in the 'Sherry triangle' More >

Ronda Wines

Table wines from the 'Sierras de Malaga' mainly around Serrania de Ronda producing 'The Ronda Wines'. More >

Malaga Wines

Traditionally the sweet Malaga desert wines from La Axarquia. More >

Cordoba Wines

Montilla-Moriles, located in the south of the province of Córdoba. The wine here has certain similarities with the Sherry. More >

Huelva Wines

Condado de Huelva - A selection of dry and sweet white wines from Huelva province. More >




© Map of Andalucia wine regions
Map of Andalucia wine regions.



Wine and its culture



Wine Festivals Winery Tours
Every year the annual wine festivals in Andalucia pay tribute to local harvests.
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Consider visiting a winery or "bodega" in Andalucia to learn about wines first hand.
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Recommendations Tapas
Check in with our dedicated forum participants for the inside scoop on local wines, complete with personal advice and recommendations!
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Tapas provide the perfect companion for your favourite glass of Andalucian wine.
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Spanish Wine Andalucian Wine
Understand where southern wines fit into the picture, here is some basic information about Spanish wine.
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Wine production has perhaps a surprisingly long history in the south of Spain.
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Local wine is just one of many beverages served at bars and restaurants throughout Andalucia.
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