London-based restaurateur Jose Pizarro takes us through his favourite dishes from the region. Originally from Extremadura, the region just to the north-west of Andalucia, Jose Pizarro is a restaurateur with three restaurants in south-east London and the City, and a pub in Surrey. He has already published books on Basque Country and Catalan cuisine, and in this volume we get the full gamut of Andalucian cooking, with its extraordinary range of local ingredients thanks to the fertile soil and bountiful seas.

Tapas are more than just snacks in Andalucia. The word means, literally a lid and the term was thought to have come from the habit of having a few nibbles with a drink and the necessity of placing a saucer or tapas on top of a glass to keep the flies out.

Andalucia is best known for its beaches, sunny weather and flamenco. But food is a hugely important part of southern Spain - indeed, the Mediterranean diet was recently recognised as being part of UNESCO's world cultural heritage.

Andalucia's gastronomy is finally starting to get the adulation it deserves. Of course, those who are familiar with its outstanding piggy, fishy and veggie dishes will already have their own preferred delicacies. Here we offer a geo-mapped list compiled from your suggestions.

Andaluz: A Food Journey Through Southern Spain by Fiona Dunlop (Interlink) Andalusia: Recipes form Seville and Beyond by Jose Pizarro (Hardie Grant) In this post I’m going to look at two recipe books about the gastronomy of this wonderful region. One is by the ebullient Extremaduran-turned-Londoner restaurateur, Jose Pizarro and the other by travel and food writer Fiona Dunlop.

In Janet Mendel's exciting and visually striking new treatment of a familiar Spanish subject the reader is irresistibly drawn into the tapas experience. The author takes a tapas tour of Spain, informs the reader how to enjoy tapas in the tascas and tabernas and shows how to translate those great dishes to one's own kitchen.

The idea is you can take the book with you on holiday, or keep it in your cookery or travel book collection. The Taste of a Place Andalucia: Introduces the region's culinary diversity, and traces how history and geography have contributed to its gastronomic vivacity; Reviews good restaurants in the well-known cities of Granada, Seville and Cordoba, as well as the smaller towns and cities such as Ubeda, Carzola and Jerez, not forgetting the Costas;