Gastronomy - Oranges

The finest and most highly prized marmalade is made from the Seville orange.

Oranges are big business in Spain, with the eastern province of Valencia topping the charts in production. However, the “naranjo” (orange tree), its blossoms and its fruits have a long tradition in Andalucia with Moorish poets singing their praises in Islamic Spain and historians reminding us that these trees were also valued by Greeks and Romans who surely cultivated them in their Iberian colonies.



Citrus trees – and that includes lemons – are cultivated commercially mainly in the Andalucian provinces of Málaga, Seville, Granada and Huelva. However, you’ll find these trees in patios and farms throughout the region.

To really understand Andalucia, you must understand these precious trees and their fruits – both sweet and bitter versions. Here are further articles to guide your culinary and cultural explorations of oranges in Andalucia!

Seville’s Bitter Oranges Oranges in Andalucia
The oranges are bitter but now without their magic..
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Fresh, locally grown oranges are abundant in Andalucia.
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Marmelade Growing oranges and lemons
Make your own. It's easy!
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Orange, lemon, mandarine, satsuma, clementine, grapefruit, lime and some of the more unusual hybrids such as kumquats, limequats etc More>