Gastronomy - Game & Meat

Delicious game and meat croquets

Furred and feathered game is plentiful in Andalusia and, in former times, a dish of rabbit or partridge was more common than chicken in rural homes.



Córdoba has deer and wild boar. Jaén is especially noted for partridge. In the marshlands of the Guadalquivir near Sevilla wild duck is taken and often cooked with Sevilla olives.

Pork is the favoured meat in Andalusia. Besides the hams and sausages already mentioned, pork goes into many dishes, minced for meatballs (in an almond sauce) and stuffed peppers; the loin marinated and roasted; the fillet braised in orange-Sherry sauce. Where the iberico breed of pig is raised for ham, fresh pork from this animal is also available. It's exceptionally juicy and sweet.

Lamb is also widely raised, especially in parts of Huelva and Córdoba. In Andalusia, typical lamb dishes are slow-cooked shepherds' stews. Sheep's and goat's milk cheeses are also worth seeking out.

Janet Mendel is an American journalist who has lived in Andalucia for many years. An expert in Spanish cooking, she has written four books about Spain's food. Traditional Spanish Cooking (Garnet Publishing) won the prestigious André Simon cookbook award. Her books can be purchased on-line from the bookstore. Her recipes can be followed in Take a Taste of Andalucía.