The villages in the vicinity of Málaga are renowned for their sausages
The villages in the vicinity of Málaga are renowned for their sausages

The pigs of Andalucia also contribute to the making of sausages, with red chorizo and black morcilla being the best-known. The villages in the vicinity of Ronda and Antequera (Málaga) are renowned for their sausages. Sausages, along with pulses, potatoes and vegetables go into hearty stews and soups that are winter fare.

Migas is a country dish of bread crumbs fried with bits of ham fat and garlic, sometimes served with grapes and sardines!



In Jabugo and surrounding villages in the Sierra de Aracena in Huelva province many types of sausage are produced such as the caña de lomo, which is filled with tripe and smoke dried; the morcón is made with trimmings of Iberian Pigs' shin; white sausages are made (without paprika), there are horseshoe sausages, which are smoked and there are also cured, salami and blood sausages.

In Jaen, the most popular sausages are the white ones, which are made from half pork and half beef and seasoned with salt, paprika, garlic, nutmeg, sherry and cinnamon.

Blood sausages form part of the basic ingredients of the typical dish of the Alpujarras called 'plato Alpujarreno'. It is made from potatoes fried with onions, orza chine and fried eggs.

One of the most famous morcilla Rondeña (blood sausage) is found in Ronda in the province of Malaga. It is made with pig's blood and lard and seasoned with pepper, cloves, oregano, paprika, cumin and coriander.

Montejaque and Benaojan villages in the Serania de Ronda are rival villages both claiming the best sausages in Andalucia. We recommended the chorizo en manteca colora (sausage in lard coloured with paprika).

Another kind of sausage comes from Antequera made with tongue and chopped pork, seasoned with paprika - morcon Antequerano.

In the province of Cordoba at Fuente Obejuna the red and black blood sausages - chine canas are produced. Salami (salchichon) is made in Pozoblanco and Espejo the latter is renown for its sausages in lard.


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