Gastronomy - Almonds in Andalucia

Almond trees in Andalucia by © Michelle Chaplow
Almond trees in their full splendour

Almond trees and the nuts they bear are an integral part of life in Andalucia. While the countryside is dotted with almond groves, kitchens throughout the region make use of creamy almonds for soups, meat dishes, pastries and seasonal treats.



Andalucia's Almond Paradise

Almond Groves

While almond trees are spread across this region, one town claims fame as the almond producing capital.
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The almond tree is a traditional part of life in Andalucia.
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Almond Nutrition

Both traditional and modern Andalucian cuisine rely on the almond for numerous dishes.
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Spanish almonds are not only tasty, they’re also very good for you.
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