Recipes with Almonds

The use of almonds in local cuisine is a centuries old custom in Andalucia. Almonds are easily available in supermarkets throughout the region, but you might also enjoy shopping for them at local farmers markets where you can buy them either fresh off the tree or roasted.

Almonds in Andalucia

Almond trees and the nuts they bear are an integral part of life in Andalucia. While the countryside is dotted with almond groves, kitchens throughout the region make use of creamy almonds for soups, meat dishes, pastries and seasonal treats.


Guaro is a modest white village on the edge of the Sierra de las Nieves natural park. Thanks to its elevated position, at over 350 metres above sea level, the village offers privileged views across the surrounding countryside. Some of the best vistas are from its 16th century church of San Miguel, found at the top of the village’s narrow, winding streets.

Almond Soup Recipe

Boil the milk with the cinnamon and lemon peel a few hours before making the soup and leave the cinnamon and lemon to soak to obtain more flavour. Right before serving, heat the milk mixture; take out the lemon peel and the cinnamon stick and add the ground almonds.