La Axarquía destinations

La Axarquia think, dramatic hill and mountain scenery, white washed villages and the strong sweet wine that is made from sun dried grapes © Michelle Chaplow
La Axarquia think, dramatic hill and mountain scenery, white washed villages and the sweet wine that is made from sun dried grapes

La Axarquia Overview

La Axarquia area is still breathtakingly beautiful and has not been spoilt by the interest and influx of foreigners. The main attractions are the area's dramatic hill and mountain scenery, its unspoilt, white washed villages and the strong sweet wine that is made from sun dried grapes. Because of the region's sub-tropical climate, this is also a region where some of the more tropical fruits, such as mango and kiwi are grown. More>

La Axarquia Destinations

Here is a list of the different villages and destinations in La Axarquia.


Village Destinations in La Axarquia

Driving around La Viñuela area offers the delights of other nearby villages, such as Canillas de Aceituno, which is higher up and offers breathtaking views of the lake.

Sedella is a town on the beautiful Ruta Mudejar in the Axarquia comarca. It's positioned 700m above sea level and was possibly once fortified with a large area of farmland at the foot of the town… More →

Totalán is part of the Ruta de la Pasa (Raisin route). This small but beautiful town is surrounded by vineyards, almond groves and paseros (raisin drying areas). The town has an Arabic heritage,… More →

The town of El Borge is situated at the foot of the Cerro de Cutar mountain, on the border of the Axarquia and Montes de Malaga comarcas, and is known as the "raisin capital" because the town is… More →

Located seven hundred metres above sea level with stunning views of the surrounding mountains, countryside and Mediterranean, Competa is best known to many for its locally produced wine, available… More →

Alfarnatejo is one of the seven towns that form the so called Ruta del Aceite y Los Montes, and is also popularly known as "the Southern Pyrenees". This is because the peaks in its surrounding… More →

The village of Benamargosa, which is in the midst of a sea of citrus and other tropical fruit trees especially Avocado. The river Benamorgosa gives this land its lush propensity to let these… More →

Archez, known as "the Crown Jewel of the 17th Century", is one of the smallest and prettiest towns in the Axarquia comarca of Malaga. Situated 430 metres above sea level, the town is located at… More →

Arenas, once known as Arenas del Rey in honour of Fernando El Rey Catolico (Ferdinand the Catholic King, husband of Isabella), is the start of the Ruta Mudejar which runs through five towns in La… More →

The name Almargen, in Arabic, translates as "Los Dos Prados" ("the two fields"). It's a small town and is the perfect place for people who enjoy tranquillity and outdoor tourism. For those who… More →

Riogordo is a very pretty village in La Axarquía, near Lake Viñuela with the dramatic mountain backdrop of the Sierra del Rey and Alto de Gomer. This is an area of stunning natural beauty. The… More →

The hometown of the famous composer Eduardo Ocon, Benamocarra is one of towns, in the Axarquia comarca, that make up the Ruta del Sol y del Aguacate.

One of the towns within the comarca of Axarquia, Iznate is known as "the paradise of the Muscat grape", where grapes, almonds, avocados and olives are produced. Iznate also belongs to Ruta del Sol… More →

Driving around La Viñuela area of the rural mountain region of La Axarquia in Malaga province offers the delights of villages such as picturesque Alcaucin. Located at the foot of the Sierra de… More →

This hill village, part of the Ruta Turistica del Sol y el Aguacate, enjoyed the height of its fortunes from the 18th century until the beginning of the 19th century. In fact, such was… More →

Sayalonga is part of the Axarquia comarca and is situated near the natural parks of the Sierras of Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama. It is also part of the Ruta del Sol y Del Vino, a route that passes… More →

The town of Moclinejo is set on a peak of the Piedras Blancas hills, between olive groves, almond groves and vineyards. The town is also the starting point of the Ruta de la Pasa (Raisin Route).… More →

One of the highest white villages in Andalucía at 739 metres above sea level, Comares can be spied for miles around, rising high above the surrounding countryside and resembling a natural… More →

Salares is part of the Ruta Mudejar in the Axarquia comarca; it is situated on the edge of the Tejeda National Park. It is one of many towns in the Axarquia which shows its Arabic heritage clearly… More →

On the Ruta del Sol y del Vino, Algarrobo is divided into two parts, one inland and the other coastal, located 3 km away from each other. The inland urban town is usually referred to as "Algarrobo… More →

The banks of the river that runs by Almáchar have vineyards, olive groves, wheat fields and small orchards; at farmhouses, grapes are made into raisins using traditional methods - laying them out… More →

Colmenar is a lovely village nestled in the northern edge of the Málaga mountains (Montes de Málaga) and situated as a northern gateway to Axarquía from the area of Antequera. At 700m above sea… More →

To the north of the lake is the village of Periana, on the river Guaro which provides the reservoir with its water. The lush land and excellent climate provide perfect conditions for the lemon… More →

Alfarnate is one of the seven municipalities of La Axarquia that makes up the Ruta del Aceite y los Montes. The town is situated more than 900m above sea level and is also surrounded by the… More →

The bustling market town of Vélez-Málaga lies 5 km inland from Torre del Mar, surrounded by subtropical vegetation. Capital of La Axarquía, Vélez-Malaga, often simply referred to as Vélez, is the… More →

Just seven kilometres north of Nerja is the typical pueblo blanco of Frigiliana which sits high on a mountain ridge overlooking the sea with spectacular panoramic views.

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