The village of Alfarnatejo in the province of Malaga  © Michelle Chaplow
The village of Alfarnatejo in the province of Malaga


Alfarnatejo is one of the seven towns that form the so called Ruta del Aceite y Los Montes, and is also popularly known as "the Southern Pyrenees". This is because the peaks in its surrounding areas, such as the Doña Ana, the Alto de Fraile and the Tajo de Gomer, are some of the most breathtaking of the province. It has about 400 residents. 

The village is very small and Calle Real is the main street that runs through and which widens at one point to from a 'square' with a town hall shop and a cafe bar.  On Calle Padre Armaiz is restaurant Pirineos with a splended viewing terrace, actually better than  he Mirador de Tajo Caballo.     The MA-4102 by-passes the village on the lower side.  

Things to See

The Iglesia Parroquial del Santo Cristo de Cabrilla, one of the better-known buildings of Alfarnatejo, is in the highest part of the town, initially constructed in the 18th century, and then rebuilt in the 20th century.  Near the church is a fountain and an old lavadero (public washing station) 

The Iglesia Parroquial del Santo Cristo de Cabrilla, the local eatery and views from the village ©Michelle Chaplow
The Iglesia Parroquial del Santo Cristo de Cabrilla, the local eatery and views from the village

Outside the village there is an old arch bridge over the Rio Sabar and nearby Fuente Conejo still used by villages for fresh water and due to the large water trough by shepherds for their entire goat heards.  

A herd of very thirsty goats in Alfarnatejo ©Michelle Chaplow
A herd of very thirsty goats in Alfarnatejo

In the town's outskirts are located the archaeological sites that tell us about Alfarnatejo's distant history. Neolithic remains dating back almost 5000 years have been found in the gorge of the river Sabar and also on the Tajo Gomer site. Most of the sites are unmarked and would be dificult for the casual tourist to find. 

The ruins of the Castillo de Sabar, situated on top of the Alto del Fraile, remind us of the town's Arabic heritage. 

Tajo de Gomer is the impressive gorge to the south of the village that one drives up when coming from Riogordo. 

North of the village is the historic Venta de Alfarnate located where the MA-4102 meets the A-4152 which was the 'old road' from Malaga to Granada through the Puerto de los Alzores.


Hotels in and around Alfarnatejo

Book Hotels in and around Alfarnatejo

Casa de las Estrellas

Situated in Alfarnatejo, 48 km from Benalmádena, Casa de las Estrellas features a seasonal outdoor swimming pool and free WiFi. All units feature air conditioning and a satellite flat-screen TV. There is a fully equipped private bathroom with shower and a hairdryer. The bed and breakfast offers a terrace.



The most well known products from the town are its homemade desserts like tortas de aceite (light, crispy and flaky biscuits), roscos carreros (biscuits made with brandy), pavas and hornazos de San Marcos (a round-shaped pastry with a hard boiled egg in the middle).

As well as the desserts already mentioned, other typical plates from Alfarnatejo are migas (breadcrumbs served with chorizo, fried egg, melon, radishes, olives and other local products ), choto al ajillo (kid and garlic stew), el morrete de setas (potato and mushroom dish), ensalada de huevos duros con hierbabuena and ajos (egg, mint and garlic salad), and cocido de garbanzos (chickpea and meat stew).


One of the more traditional town celebrations is called Cencerrada and takes place on Resurrection Sunday. Traditionally, the town's servants would be set free by the sound of ringing bells, and then proceed to run through streets sounding their own bells.

The Fiesta de la Candelaria is celebrated on 2 February

Romeria de San Marcos on 25 April.

Romeria de San Isidro on 15 May.

Fiestas Patronales del Cristo de Cabrilla y la Virgen de Monsalud on 12 September, you can enjoy free wine tasting, theatrical and musical shows, sporting events and the processions of San Miguel y el Santo Cristo de Cabrilla. This is also the celebration the Moros y Cristianos fiesta (12-15 September), known popularly as La Embajada.

Welcome sign of Alfarnatejo village
Welcome sign of Alfarnatejo village


Alfarnatejo is located around 50km from Malaga City, around 36.5km from Velez-Malaga and about 14.5km from Periana. The nearest villages are Riogordo and Alfarnate.


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