San Andres Apostol Church in Sedella.  © Sophie Carefull
San Andres Apostol Church in Sedella.

Sedella is a town on the beautiful Ruta Mudejar in the Axarquia comarca. It's positioned 700m above sea level and was possibly once fortified with a large area of farmland at the foot of the town known as Sedelia or Xedelia.



Some believe that its name derives from the Latin phrase "sedilia" which means rural site or possessions. Others say that it comes from the word "sedille" but, according to the traditional theory, the name came about during the Christian re-conquest era. It is said that the Catholic Queen, Isabel, said the phrase "se de ella", after being told of a battle that took place between Christians and Muslims on the outskirts of the town, at a place called Arroyo de la Matanza.

In the town centre, traces of an Arabic past are easily seen: buildings like the Casa Torreon (an old mansion with a Mudejar bell tower, belonging to Señor de Sedella) and the Iglesia de San Andrés (built on the highest part of the town, with a 16th century tower) may be of interest.

For those who love nature and sports like hiking, the environment around Sedella has many great places to visit, like the Camino de Arrieros, the Salto del Caballo peak, the Cueva Horeada and other enclaves in the Sierra de Tejeda.

The local crafts in this town are products made from wicker, knitted items and intricate lace works.

Almond trees are in blossom from the end of January around villages such as Sedella. © Sophie Carefull
Almond trees are in blossom from the end of January around villages such as Sedella.

The local food is varied and tasty with dishes such as chivo al ajillo (goat with garlic), choto al vino (testicles in wine with garlic, olive oil and vinegar), potaje de coles/hinojos (cabbage or fennel stew), tortillitas de bacalao (cod tortillas), or las parpuchas. All of this can be complemented with some homemade wine. For desert there's nothing better than having roscos al horno, a sweet home made desert (very much like a doughnut) from Arab descent.

The most celebrated fiesta by the locals, the Fiesta de San Antón, takes place the closest Saturday to 17 January. He is the patron of animals and so the celebrations involve a church ceremony with blessing of animals. Domingo de Resurrección during Semana Santa is also a highlight: whilst the adults from the town go to mass, the children bring animals and plants picked up en route to the town square.

Sedella is located 59km from Malaga City and 25km from Velez-Malaga.