Information about pets in Andalucia

Having a Pet has grown in popularity in Andalucia in the 2010s. No so long ago dogs we almost exclusively working farm animals or guard dogs. Nowadays it is popular to own a dog even in the cities. It is common to see people out walking their dogs.



Microchip by Vets

Veterinary surgeons are well trained in Spain where it's a popular profession and emergency veterinary care is available in animal clinics, many providing 24-hour service. There are also several multi-lingual professional practices.

Domestic pets in Spain should be micro-chipped by a local vet and issued with a health certificate. It is also advisable to have dogs vaccinated against rabies and other diseases such as distemper and hardpad, and cats immunised against feline gastro enteritis and typhus.

Health insurance is available from a number of insurance companies.

Travelling to Spain with a pet

Since EU introduced the Pet Passport, an increasing number of people bring pets with them if they move to Spain permanently or even when visiting for holiday.

For Domestic pets to enter Spain from another EU Country the following requirements must be met. The pet must be Micro-chipped with an ISO 171784 complant 15 digit code. All dogs and cats must have proof of a current rabies vaccination.

For Domestic pets to enter Spain from outside the EU including the UK the procedure is more complecated and depends whether the pet travels acompanied overland or by air, whether the pet is transported by a comercial company, whether the pet is being sold to a new ownet. < a href="" target=_blank rel=noopener >Pet Travel website offers more information


Dispite what you observe, dogs are not permitted on any Spanish beach. There is a small number of Dog Beaches in Andalucia.

Dogs are generally not allowed on public transport. On trains, they are usually allowed to travel in a transport box in the luggage area. On airplanes small pets in a transport box are permitted a carry on luggage to be placed under the seat in-front.  Iberia is one of the few airlines that permits small accompanied dogs to occupy a passenger seat as long a valid ticket has been purchased.  Dogs are not allowed in public buildings and administrative offices unless they’re guide dogs. This also applies to popular monuments such as the Alhambra. The concept of 'care animals' is not widely recognised in Spain. 


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