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Dog Days in Andalucia by Jackie Todd

Millions of people dream of turning their summer holiday into permanent reality. "Dog Days in Andalucia" is the heart-warming and inspirational story of an ordinary British couple. Jackie Todd and her husband Stephen, who emigrated in 1997 to Frigiliana, a picturesque Spanish village in Andalusia, making a mighty impression on the village, its people and its surrounding animal population along the way.


An increasing number of people are either bringing their pets with them when they move to Spain, or else acquiring them here, reassured by the fact that, if they have to move for any reason, their pet doesn't have to be left behind.


Because commercially raised animals form such an important part of the Andalusian economy, veterinarian services are an integral part of life in this area. You see pigs, cattle, oxen, sheep and goats in fields all over the region, as well as horses used in the countlesss ferias and romerias.

Pet Insurance

We all know that our pets are as much a part of our family as our parents, our spouses, and our children and frequently, they are the less of a cause for aggravation or concern. However, when they are sick or involved in an accident, pets can become a great preoccupation. Veterinary bills can be an unwanted surprise that can cause a great deal of stress within the family. That is why the concept of Pet Insurance has become a popular way to hedge against emergency veterinary costs.

Pets - Treatment of animals

Spain is well known for its bullfights, which inspire both admiration and disgust from visitors. Less well-publicised abroad are the general conditions in which pets and domesticated animals are kept in this country.

Pets - Supplies

Some standard pet supplies are available at all major commercial centres, such as Carrefour and Al Campo, in Andalucia, as well as at many supermarkets. Here you will find both dry and canned foods for cats and dogs as well as bird and fish food as well as a variety of accessories for all pets in these categories. However, to find high quality and/or specialised items, you will need to find a pet store or veterinary clinic. Only in these establishments will you find medication for worming your pet, for example.