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Your new life in Spain can indeed be a reality © iStock
Your new life in Spain can indeed be a reality.

Relocation Companies

Andalucia is a top destination for many nationalities seeking a relaxed pace of life in the sun. Foreign settlers are arriving in their droves to Andalucia, not only drawn by the fantastic climate, but also by the rich variety of natural beauty to be found in the mountains and on the coast, as well as the plethora of golf courses and other recreational activities to choose from. Andalucia offers a rich history and culture blended perfectly with modern day living to suit all needs.



Many foreigners moving to Andalucia may seek a country farmhouse retreat and a Spanish rural lifestyle, far removed from the hustle and bustle on the coast. Alternatively they may look for a modern, well serviced off-plan apartment within an expatriate community. Whatever your choice is, without local knowledge, you could spend time and money finding it, let alone much hassle. Relocation agents based both in Spain and the UK provide an invaluable service to help with every single aspect of your move, literally from start to finish: Relocation agencies will co-ordinate anything from property searches, travel, storage, removal companies, plumbers, electricians and utility changeovers. In addition they will deal with your administrative and legal matters as well as finding schools, while taking away the worries of dealing in a foreign language and the complications the whole process can cause - in fact, they will even enrol you on a Spanish language course!

The skill of a good relocation company is to get to know you, their client, very well in order to tailor make a programme that will make your decision making process and eventual move as smooth as possible, while taking into account three important issues; orientation, accommodation and administrative issues.

Although the European Union may have been created to reduce the amount of paperwork fellow members should need to fill in, bureaucracy is still a time consuming affair while relocation agencies will do all this on your behalf. They will sort out visas, residency permits, driving licenses and other official documents, while ensuring everything is kept within the laws of Spain. Furthermore, a good relocation company will organise the transfer of your belongings, meeting you at your new home and supervise repairs and services, as well as sorting out the children into good local or international schools and nurseries.

You will need to think of all the implications involved in immersing yourself into the Spanish life in that white pueblo you dream of and good relocation experts will help you consider all aspects of such a move and assist you in all the finer details, from finding an appropriate property to helping you sign on with the local doctor or getting your telephone and other services connected. Alternatively you may wish to be close to all modern amenities such as luxury shopping, international schools, nightlife and expatriate clubs where you can meet similar people to yourselves. Or you may wish to combine the peace of an inland location with the convenience of a modern town in close proximity – there are endless possibilities in your life choice in Andalucia, so a wise and informed decision is one that will take time and expert knowledge to come to. Through their close ties with experts who have first hand experience of living in Andalucia, good relocation companies take care to alert you to and deal with every detail relating to your chosen move.

Many people who move to Andalucia seek a relaxed retirement in the sun and due to the great number of retired people, particularly in some coastal resorts, many clubs and activities exist to keep them more active than ever before. The fact that Andalucia is only a hop away from the UK at just two hours flight away, means easy access to the rest of the family back home. Increasing numbers of younger thirty somethings are also moving to Andalucia with their families as a new lifestyle choice and often need to find work. Relocation companies will help you in the process of finding a job within an existing company or even establishing your own business. Businesses such as bed and breakfast, restaurants and bars are a favourite option for many people who relocate to the area and relocation experts with good local knowledge can prove invaluable to assist you with the due diligence involved in choosing the right location and business. Once this is done, you may also be grateful for their assistance with the paperwork, legal and tax matters involved to satisfy the Spanish requirements.

Property search is also an important aspect of any relocation. Obviously your budget and the length of stay will decide whether you should rent or buy a property. Many people prefer to rent a home initially prior to committing to a property purchase in Andalucia. Relocation companies will firstly make a careful assessment of your requirements, then recommend the best areas to suit your needs, arrange viewings and accompany you on visits if necessary. This is often much more than an average estate agent may find the time to do. Being well informed of the local lettings and purchase procedures, a good relocation company will also ensure you make no mistakes in the legal and financial aspects involved.

Relocation is a trade targeted both at corporate clients and individuals. Most agencies prefer to deal with large companies with human resources departments, while there are a few others who will welcome business from private clients. If you are looking for relocation as an individual, you can find lists of relocation agencies per country on the website of the European Relocation Association (EuRA) who provide many references and a description of their services.

We would advise you to discuss what you want in detail with a few agencies and compare the various packages and deals on offer, prior to making a careful selection. You will need to be satisfied that you are receiving a truly personalised and professional service.
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