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Have a great family day out on the beaches of Andalucia © Michelle Chaplow
Have a great family day out on the beaches of Andalucia

Family Resources

Many people have found southern Spain to be an excellent place to start a family and raise children. Children are highly esteemed in Spanish culture and generally welcomed in restaurants and all kinds of events. As they say in Spain, "Cada niño nace con un bar de pan debajo del brazo" - or "Every child is born with a bar of bread under its arm". This is a way of saying that a child is good fortune.



While the attitude towards children and family life in general is positively welcoming and relaxed however, parents do need a wide variety of information that is often hard to come by.

Find answers to many basic questions in the following articles:

Birthday Parties in Andalucia Family Food
Traditionally, in Spain the birthday was not celebrated; rather, it was the "santo", or saint´s day, that was the day one celebrated becoming a year older.
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Find here family-style Andalusian recipes for all ages - babies and small children included. Many of these recipes focus on using locally produced ingredients.
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Family Tourism Finding a Family Home
There is plenty family fun with children in Andalucia.
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Following are some basic considerations you should keep in mind when shopping for a family neighbourhood in Andalucia.
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