Gastronomy - Family Food

Preparing food is a social occasion

There is most certainly a difference between grabbing a bite of something on the run, or sitting down at table to eat a meal the "right" way, and the Spanish are experts on making meals so much more than just sustenance.

Andalucía, like other areas of Spain, has a unique cuisine and "culture of food". The nutritional value of the food, the freshness of ingredients, the presentation (simple as it may be), the ambience, and especially the social aspect of the meal are all factors to take into account.

Good habits begin early, so children are quickly habituated into eating well and appreciating it. It does take a little time to shop for and prepare quality meals, but in the end it doesn't have to take so much longer than going to buy something prepared, which is usually loaded with preservatives, much more expensive, and no where near as tasty as a good homemade dish.

So you ask, what are some good Andalusian family-style dishes that anyone can prepare? The following recipes will get you started...

Easy Meals Baby Food
Busy Andalusian mothers recur to these.
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Do as the Andalusians and create a "super baby" following local recipes.
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Kids Browse by Course
Recipes your kids are sure to like and advice on the perfect meal to entertain their Spanish "amigos".
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Browse our other recipes for main courses and desserts here.
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More Recipes
You will also find many excellent recipes for typical dishes here. Many are simple to make and most can be very "family-style" as well.
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