Delicious Spanish Tapas  © Michelle Chaplow
Delicious Tapas © Michelle Chaplow


When we think of Spain, tapas are one of the first things that comes to mind. The delicious little plates of goodness that go perfectly with a caña of beer or a glass of wine are  an icon of Spain, so spend some time hopping from bar to bar tasting them. There are so many to try, from gambas al pil pil and tortilla de patatas to albondigas (meatballs) and Russian salad, you'll never get bored of them.

Why not try out some of these recipes suggested by food writer Janet Mendel and our team?

Cook the potatoes in boiling water until tender. Drain and massh, adding salt In a frying pan, heat the oil and brown the minced meat, 5 minutes. Add the onion, pepper, garlic and continue frying… More →

Cut off the wing tips and discard (or save for stock). Divide each wing into two joings. Sprinkle chicken pieces with salt and pepper. Lightly smash the garlic cloves to split the skins, but do… More →

Cook the potatoes and carrots in boiling water to cover until tender. The carrots will take about 12 minutes; the potatoes a total of 20 minutes. Cook the peas until tender, about 10 minutes.… More →

Bring the milk to the boil and set aside. Heat the oil in a pan and sauté the ham gently for 2 minutes without letting it brown. Pour the oil through a sieve into a heat-proof bowl, reserving the… More →

For the tomato sauce, heat the olive oil in a medium pan. Add the onion and garlic, cover and cook gently for 10 minutes until very soft and lightly golden. Add the tomatoes, chicken stock and bay… More →

Sprinkle the aubergine slices lightly on both sides with salt and set aside for 30 minutes. Sift the flour into a bowl, make a well in the centre and add the oil and the water. Gradually beat… More →

Roast the red peppers: wash and dry well, and poke once with a fork. Place in an oiled shallow baking dish and bake, uncovered, at medium high for an hour or so, until the peppers are very tender… More →

Clean the fish well, removing the head and the spine, as well as the tails and the insides. (Occasionally you will find the fish already cleaned at the market, just be sure it is fresh.) Once… More →

This is an Andalucian favourite. It is normally prepared to order and served in small individual ramekins. Make sure you mop the delicious oil with some bread! Heat the olive oil to gently fry the… More →

Toast the salt cod over a flame or under the grill until it is lightly browned and softened. Put it in a bowl of water while preparing the remaining ingredients. Arrange the orange and onion… More →

Discard mussel shells and any mussels which do not open. Cook the peeled prawns in boiling salted water for 30 seconds and drain. In a bowl combine the chopped tomatoes, onion, green pepper,… More →

Cut the fish into 1 1/2in/ 4-cm cubes, discarding any skin and bone. Put it in a glass or ceramic bowl. Mix together the oil, vinegar, water, garlic, paprika, oregano, pepper and salt. Pour over… More →

Meatballs in Saffron-Almond Sauce recipe. Combine the ground meats in a bowl. Soak the sliced bread in water or milk to cover until soft. Squeeze it out and add to the meat with the garlic,… More →

Step out of the Andalusian sunshine. Just follow the crowds through this little doorway, into the cool interior of a typical bodega or wine bar. Multi-coloured tiles line the walls while clay-… More →

In Janet Mendel's exciting and visually striking new treatment of a familiar Spanish subject the reader is irresistibly drawn into the tapas experience. The author takes a tapas tour of… More →

The beauty of this dish is that it is delicious on its own but can also act as a great base for more meals. The tortilla compliments many other ingredients, like cherry tomatoes, garlic and Jamon… More →


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