Sierra Morena

Sierra Morena

The Sierra Morena comarca or area of Jaen province is the mountain range in the northern part of the province. It composed of the mountain range that separates Andalucia with the plains of Casitlla La Mancha and through it is cut the gorge of Despeñaperros which is known historically as the 'gateway to Andalucia'.

The Sierra Morena of Jaen consists of the following municipal districts.
Aldeaquemada, Bailén, Baños de la Encina, Carboneros, Guarromán, Jabalquinto, La Carolina, Linares, Santa Elena.

Linares, land of bullfighters and musicians, offers visitors an interesting historical and artistic heritage. An important town in the north of Jaen with a population of 65.000. Linares was… More →

The village of Jabalquinto has been occupied since the Copper Age or Bronze Age and in the Roman era was thought to be the scene of a Battle Baecula in 208BC as part of the Second Punic War… More →

The name Carboneros refers to the town’s former mining activity, which dates back to the times of the Carthaginian General Aníbal. The village is one of a small group of ‘new towns of the Sierra… More →

Guarromán is one of a small group of ‘New Towns of Sierra Morena’ founded by King Carlos III in the second half of the eighteenth century. It was founded on the site of a roadside café, Venta de… More →

Bailén is the perfect destination for history enthusiasts. The town was the site of an important turning point during the Battle of the Peninsular War. The annual commemorative celebrations for… More →

Santa Elena is the closest town to the famous "Gateway to Andalucia" at Despeñaperros Pass. It is also the most northerly village in Jaen province (and Andalucia) when leaving or arriving in the… More →

La Carolina is a small town of 16.000 inhabitants is located in the north of Jaen province adjacent to the A-4 Seville to Madrid motorway. It is the last town of any size to stop if heading out… More →

Baños de la Encina offers visitors interesting historical and artistic heritage as well as attractions for lovers of nature. Once called simply Baños, the village adopted ‘de la Encina’ (‘of the… More →

Aldeaquemda is a mountain village located in the middle of the Sierra Morena. It is an ideal destination for tourists who love the countryside, and has about 480 inhabitants. Although the town was… More →

Areas of Jaén province
Areas of Jaén province