La Loma y Las Villas

La Loma y Las Villas

The La Loma and Las Villas comarcas or areas of Jaen province is the rural areas in the centre of the province. The area is best know for the twin renaissance towns of Ubeda and Baeza.

La Loma and Las Villas of Jaen consists of the following municipal districts.
Baeza, Begíjar, Canena, Ibros, Lupión, Rus, Sabiote, Torreblascopedro, Torreperogil, Úbeda, Las Villas, Iznatoraf, Sorihuela del Guadalimar, Villacarrillo, Villanueva del Arzobispo.

Lupión occupies a plateau surrounded by olive groves. The resultant olive oil industry and cotton cultivation in the Guadalquivir Valley form the town’s two main sources of income. The great… More →

Torreblascopedro’s Campillo del Río district produces more asparagus than any other area in the entire province of Jaén. The municipality also boasts a proud olive-growing tradition. It has about… More →

Sabiote has a wonderful historical and artistic heritage, which makes this municipality in Jaén a destination of special interest for seekers of cultural tourism. It has about 3,800 inhabitants.… More →

Torreperogil is a destination of special interest for those who wish to practice wine tourism in Jaén, being one of the few towns in the province that produce wines of recognised quality. It has… More →

The economy and culture of Rus are rooted in olive growing, olive oil production and textiles. Its proximity to and good road links with Úbeda and Linares mean that trade routes are well… More →

The olive tree is the protagonist of the small town of Ibros, with olive fields occupying large extensions of land. The biodiversity and ecology of Ibros are strengthened further by numerous… More →

The small town of Canena is another of the Jiennense municipalities along the Ruta de los Castillos (Route of the Castles) through Andalusian lands. This is apparent when you first approach… More →

Begíjar is dominated by olive groves and orchards; this town’s traditions have largely been lost over time, especially following the damage caused during the Spanish Civil War. It has about 3,000… More →

Although of significance to both the Iberian and Roman civilisations, it was the Moors who brought splendour to Iznatoraf. During this period, and later under Christian rule, strong links were… More →

Areas of Jaén province
Areas of Jaén province