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La Loma y Las Villas

La Loma y Las Villas

The La Loma and Las Villas comarcas or areas of Jaen province is the rural areas in the centre of the province. The area is best know for the twin renaissance towns of Ubeda and Baeza.

La Loma and Las Villas of Jaen consists of the following municipal districts.
Baeza, Begíjar, Canena, Ibros, Lupión, Rus, Sabiote, Torreblascopedro, Torreperogil, Úbeda, Las Villas, Iznatoraf, Sorihuela del Guadalimar, Villacarrillo, Villanueva del Arzobispo.

Although of significance to both the Iberian and Roman civilisations, it was the Moors who brought splendour to Iznatoraf. During this period, and later under Christian rule, strong links were… More →